Total System Era

Since 2009 we are in the Total System Era and sharing information among SMSs is beneficial for everybody.

Today, airport operators are facing huge challenges and often reducing its own airpot-operator-staff.

On the flip side, operations are done by non-airport operator organizations/staff, naturally with different leadership, culture, policies and agendas.

The ICAO Doc. 9859 Safety Management Manual 4th Edition, was published and is there to be used and effectively implemented.

Unless you have all components of the airport community in line with the airport operator safety policy, the system will nest safety precursors (leading indicators) which if not identified by an effective Management System (MS) will consolidate themselves at the base of the Helmreich’s iceberg and climb up to the tip becoming a nasty event.

In the ICAO SMS Manual, you will find that the better encourage compliance and safe operations, the SOPs application/implementation in normal operations, the better the chance that those events will not escalate or sum-up becoming deviation/degraded condition.

What I see today doing airport audits that where there is a Team led by the Accountable Manager or Accountable Executive, which promotes a sincere positive safety culture, operations run rather smooth.

The Team is composed by a balanced-members where, even busy in their day-by-days activities, safety is embedded into the DNA of operations. Safety and Compliance are part of this Team, promoting and encouraging Compliance and safety best practices.


For that reason, Continuous Safety not only provides Civil Aviation Regulations Training and know-how. We make sure that the training is fully customized to the customer’s size, complexity and nature. This enables that the training  positively influences the Top Management and Leadership as well as their Teams. All are knowledgeable and get strategic advice in the correct implementation of the ICAO and EASA aviation safety regulations framework.

As part of our services, we also offer implementation support and Compliance Monitoring coaching.

We train staff from Airport Operators, Approved Training Organizations (ATOs), Commercial Air Operations (CAT), Private Operators that fall into EASA Part NCC and EASA Part NCO, EASA Part CAMO, as well as Operators engaged in EASA Part SPO.