About us

Capt. Claudio D. Caceres, MSc - Head of Training

Continuous Security started training one week after the September 2001 Twin Towers security events.

The main concern was to maintain global operations in High Risk Civil Aviation Security (avSec) environments.

Later on, the next challenges were the promulgation of the EU and the new EASA regulations.

In 2004, we started delivering QMS services to CAMO and AMO, supporting them with regulations training as well as with  auditing.

In the mean time, we also served military and police airwings in introducing aviation human factors, compliance and safety management systems.

From 2012, the new incoming regulations training and auditing covered:

  • Approved Training Organizations (ATOs),
  • Air Operator Certificate (AOCs) operators,
  • Part-NCC operators;
  • Part-SPO operators;
  • Part-CAMO;
  • Part-145 AMO,
  • Aerodrome Operators (under ICAO, EASA and Italian Regulations).

We were glad to have served the industry with introduction and implementation training focused on:

  1. The relevant applicable regulations;
  2. The concept of the Management System;
  3. The Compliance Monitoring Function;
  4. The Safety Management System.

In total, Continuous Security successfully trained about 29’900 delegates from 4 continents.

Letters of recommendation and references are available upon request.

Out training videos are posted on the following channel: rumble.com/Continuousafety