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Continuous Safety provides ICAO, EASA Aviation Regulations Training, IS-BAO implementation and auditing and Compliance Monitoring Services.

With more than 20 years of experience, Continuous Safety helps your operations in being safe, legal, effective, efficient and sustainable.

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Our services

Our 4 main activities are .


Initial and recurrent training for leadership, nominated persons and train-the-trainers, making the risk level acceptable.


Since 2009 we provide IS-BAO auditing and implementation support, icluding FlightPlan1 as well as PS3 on behalf IBAC.


Sicne 2007 we are partner of CGE Risk (NL). We provide risk assessment and BowTieXP training and implementation.


EASA Guru helps your organization in maintaining complaince monitoring and supporting your staff with CMM duties.

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– CS-01 Lead Auditor & Compliance Monitoring

– CS-02 Successful Accountable Manager Role

– CS-03 Nominated Flight Operations Manager

– CS-04 Nominated Flight Crew Training Manager

– CS-05 Nominated Ground Operations Manager

– CS-06 Nominated Continuous Airworthiness Manager

– CS-07 Nominated Aerodrome Training Manager

– CS-08 Nominated Deputy Manager

– CS-09 Safety Management System Training in PBO

– CS-10 Safety Management System Training in PBO

– CS-11 ICAO/EASA Aircrew rules

– CS-12 ICAO/EASA Air OPS rules

– CS-13 ICAO/EASA Continuing Airworthiness

– CS-14 BowTieXP Initial and Recurrent Training

– CS-15 BowTieXP Advanced Training

– CS-16 Deputy Nominated Aerodrome Training Manager

– CS-70 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules

– CS-90 ICAO/EASA Flight Operations Inspector

– CS-91 ICAO/EASA Airworthiness Inspector

– CS-92 ICAO/EASA Licensing Inspector

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Meet Our Team

Competence is the secret of our success.

Claudio Caceres Peters, MSc
Head of Training and IS-BAO Auditor
Partner Certification Badge - Basic Knowledge (transparent)
IS-BAO Acredited Auditor

The standard of the training provided by Capt. Claudio Caceres is very high, he demonstrated very deep knowledge of the matters, great experience, very high level of professionalism and ability to manage the training in a way that captures the attention of the participants. Beside the training Capt. Claudio gave us very useful recommendations and suggestions for improvement of our Management System. When needed Cargolux Italia will maintain future cooperation with Capt. Caceres and would recommend him to any company looking for a competent and valuable instructor/consultant. Malpensa (Italy) 01.10.19.

Mr. Adriano Minetto
SMS/CMM Cargolux Italia SpA

A big thank for last week - I really enjoyed the training and great to meet you. It was a pleasure!

Andrew Lawson
CMM/Safety at Dubai Air Wing (UAE)

Ciao Claudio, volevo ringraziarti per la tua ottima azione professionale che mi ha consentito di concludere nei tempi stabiliti inviando il riscontro formale all'autorità. I più cordiali saluti.

Dr Giovanni Falsina
Environment and Airport Safety Manager - SEA Aeroporti di Milano

Caro Claudio,

prima di risponderti ho preferito raccogliere le opinioni individuali di molti colleghi.

Ho avuto solo riscontri positivi, parole di elogio sulla tua capacità comunicativa e sulla incisività di come trasmetti i messaggi.

Grande apprezzamento sul filmato.

Da parte mia e di Mauro piena soddisfazione di come hai interpretato il ruolo, di come hai saputo trasmettere i ns desiderata.

Insomma un ottimo lavoro che ha raggiunto l’obiettivo programmato.

Un GRAZIE di cuore ed a presto.

Dott. Paolo Sirigu
Direttore Aeroporto di Genova SpA

It is heartfelt pleasure that I have met you. I am pleased to tell you again for your style and skills that cover all the scientific information and inquiries that I was looking for a long time ago.

Abdullatief A. Al-Failakawi
SSP Manager DGAC Kuwait

Grazie Claudio per il tuo supporto professionale!

Capt. Michela Musoni
Manager Flight OPS N.W. Service

The Air Accident Investigation Training syllabus Claudio is teaching is fully representative of the content and quality of the similar material that we deliver on our MSc programme.

Dr. Steve Bond, PhD
Course Director at the City Univeristy of London (UK)

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BowTieXP Standard

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10 diagrams free of charge

Build your new hazards register with BowTieXP

BowTieXP provides staff engagement while making the risk understandable.

Accepted by most of the appropriate authorities.

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