We would like to thank Adriano Minetto (SM/CMM of Cargolux-Italia, the best air cargo company!) for the kind words after our last training and for promoting safety!

Click on the following link to download the Cargolux Italia SpA (ICV) reccomendation’s letter


The standard of the training provided by Capt. Claudio Caceres is very high, he demonstrated very deep knowledge of the matters, great experience, very high level of professionalism and ability to manage the training in a way that captures the attention of the participants. Beside the training Capt. Claudio gave us very useful recommendations and suggestions for improvement of our Management System. When needed Cargolux Italia will maintain future cooperation with Capt. Caceres and would recommend him to any company looking for a competent and valuable instructor/consultant. Malpensa (Italy) 01.10.19.

Adriano Minetto – SM/CMM Cargolux-Italia

Caro Claudio,

prima di risponderti ho preferito raccogliere le opinioni individuali di molti colleghi.

Ho avuto solo riscontri positivi, parole di elogio sulla tua capacità comunicativa e sulla incisività di come trasmetti i messaggi.

Grande apprezzamento sul filmato.

Da parte mia e di Mauro piena soddisfazione di come hai interpretato il ruolo, di come hai saputo trasmettere i ns desiderata.

Insomma un ottimo lavoro che ha raggiunto l’obiettivo programmato.

Un GRAZIE di cuore ed a presto.


Dott. Paolo Sirigu – Direttore Generale Aeroporto di Genova (Italia)

Grazie mille per aver consegnato in tempo la Ns. piattaforma LMS! Complimenti per il tuo supporto professionale. Cordialmente.

Com.te Roberto Barsotti, NCTM Air Corportate srl, Verona, Italia

Ciao Claudio, volevo ringraziarti per la tua ottima azione professionale che mi ha consentito di concludere nei tempi stabiliti inviando il riscontro formale all’autorità. I più cordiali saluti.


Dr Giovanni Falsina Environment and Airport Safety Manager – SEA Aeroporti di Milano

Il corso e’ stato veramente utile e condotto con grande professionalita’.

Avv. Anna Calcagno (Genova, Italy)

Thank you for your excellent training course.

Rashed Alenzi (Kuwait)

I really appreciated the training for the quality of the lessons, I learn a lot of, it was above of my expectations.

Amel Bakiri (Qatar)

It is hearfelt pleasure that I have met you. I am pleased to tell you again for your style and skills that cover all the scientific information and inqueries that I was looking for a long time ago.

Abdullatief A. Al-Failakawi (Kuwait)

A big thank for last week – I really enjoyed the training and great to meet you. It was a pleasure!

Andrew Lawson (Dubai)

Thank very much for the wonderful training, congratulations and hope I can sit in one of your training class again.

Ferdinand Mago (Dubai)

Many thanks for the insightful course.

Capt. Bruce Laing (Dubai)

Thank you for your help in mentoring my thesis.

Lucas Herzberger (Bachelor Student, Germany)

Complimenti per la tua professionalita’!

Marcos M. (Bergamo, Italy)

Thank you for the excellent audit in a very pleasant condition and environment.

Dr. Frank Gries (Braunschweig, Germany)

Four tools for your business success / quattro strumenti per il Vs. successo / 4 herramientas para tu éxito


How can we help your operations be safer today?


Since 11 years, we provide IS-BAO Implementation and Audits. IS-BAO Raises the Safety Bar – Standardization fosters safety by encouraging professional operations.

Raises Confidence of Regulators – Regulators are given confidence that the business aviation industry is capable of self-governance to a high safety level.

Assist to Regulators – Enables deployment of scarce safety resources to high-risk areas.

Alternative to Historical Regulatory Programs – Provides society with an alternative to traditional regulatory oversight, through application of ‘industry self-monitoring’ for AOC, ATO, Part-NCC and Part-SPO operators.

Insurers usually cover the investment of the audit fees.

Please connect: sms@mycs.swiss

Competence-Based Aviation Regulations in SmartTraining™

The training of your staff is essential for safety, prestige as well as to maintain your competitive advantage. Without moving from home or your office, we are successfully delivering our Smart-Training on the following areas:


– CS-01 Lead Auditor & Compliance Monitoring

– CS-02 Successful Accountable Manager Role

– CS-03 Nominated Flight Operations Manager

– CS-04 Nominated Flight Crew Training Manager

– CS-05 Nominated Ground Operations Manager

– CS-06 Nominated Continuous Airworthiness Manager

– CS-07 Nominated Aerodrome Training Manager

– CS-09 Safety Management System Training in PBO

– CS-10 Advanced Safety Management System Training in PBO

– CS-11 ICAO/EASA Aircrew rules

– CS-12 ICAO/EASA Air OPS rules

– CS-13 ICAO/EASA Continuing Airworthiness

– CS-14 BowTieXP Advanced Training

– CS-15 BowTieXP initial and recurrent training

– CS-16 Nominated Crew Training Manager

– CS-70 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules

– CS-90 ICAO/EASA Flight Operations Inspector

– CS-91 ICAO/EASA Airworthiness Inspector

– CS-92 ICAO/EASA Licensing Inspector



A practical approach. Upon request and supporting your success we can include your documentation in the training as well as the related cross-reference list!

Please connect: sms@mycs.swiss


We use and help organizations in setting up their e-Learning Management System (LMS) solutions.

We are deeply convinced that the competences and skills must remain in your organization. We coach both the Leadership and the Safety Teams on how to deliver awesome, engaging and useful presentations and training courses that create value and protect your operations. Competence is an intangible asset that protect your reputation.

The task of training records keeping is amazingly facilitated by our training solutions.

You can have a look to our LMS:

Our Learning Management System (LMS): safety.floralms.eu

Easily share your contents with: safety.ispringcloud.eu

Please connect: sms@mycs.swiss

our software

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IS-BAO Audit

Since 11 years, as an accredited IS-BAO auditor commited to excellence, we successfully provide IS-BAO auditing service to Commercial and Non-Commercial aircraft operators (both fixed and rotor wing), including Oversees Territories Aviation Requirements (OTAR) (i.e.: Bermuda CAA, Cayman CAA, etc) and advanced SMS.

IS-BAO Implementation Support

We provide a cost-effective-flexible, scalable and customised IS-BAO implementation sized to your specific operational requirements. After the registration, IS-BAO will enable safe, legal, effective, efficient and sustainable operations, plus you can claim a 5% discount to your insurer.

The SMS core business is your Safety Risk Management

Regardless the type of operation, we use BowTieXP, AuditXP and IncidentXP to successfully help operators in implement an effective Management System (MS) as per ORO/ORA.GEN.200 or ADR.OR.D.005. Supported by our Mobile-Friendly Learning Management System (LMS) services we are able to make sure that your staff is on the same page, demonstrating due diligence.

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How to take competitive advantage from the new safety regulations
How to implement the new regulations into the operational context
How to engage your staff in assuring safety & compliance
How to create & deliver useful in-house competence-base internal training



The BowTieXP methodology in English

The methodology is essential to demonstrate the effectiveness of your Management System (MS) in Performance-Based Oversight environment (PBO). Safety maximizing efficiency of resources.

Micro-Learning with BowTieXP

BowTieXP helps you and your organization in visualizing your operational hazards and risks. With the use of micro-Learning, you will be able to engage your staff, conquering their ‘Mind and Hearts’, ensuring safe, legal, effective, efficient and sustainable operations!

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