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Audits can be painful. We convert them into knowledge and competitive advantage. Training can be boring. Interactive customised out of the shelf training is our passion. Compliance costs. We make sure that it safely turns into the ROI.

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Compliance Monitoring

Aviation Safety

IS-BAO Audits

ICAO/EASA Compliance Monitoring & Competence-Based Training for ATOs, AOCs, CAMOs, AMOs, Aerodrome Operators and Civil Aviation Authorities.

Fixed-wing and Rotors.

OMM and Operations Manuals included.

ICAO/EASA Safety Management & Competence-Based Training for ATOs, AOCs, CAMOs, AMOs, Aerodrome Operators and Civil Aviation Authorities.

Fixed-wing and Rotors.

OMM and Safety Manuals included.

IS-BAO audits since 2009.

Our accreditations includes: -Operations Management (OP), -Fixed Wing Operations (FW),  -Rotor Wing Operations (RW), -Maintenance Management (MX), -Stage 3 SMS (S), and           -Special Regulatory Qualification (SRQ).

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Show me how to use the emergency equipment.
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To control the risk of distractions, 'Before Start'....all mobiles has to be OFF. WI-FI OFF as well.
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Ambiguity kills safety
Make sure that there is only 1 standard.
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Always promoting safety & compliance

We are proud to successfully contributed to the success the following organizations:

Air Operators

ENI Servizi Aerei SpA

VW Air Service GmbH

Sirio SpA

Sirio Executive srl

Cargolux-Italia SpA

Emirates Ltd

Dubai Airwing Ltd

Qatar Airways Ltd

NW Service srl

CAT Aviation AG

Blue Panorama SpA

SW Cargo Airlines SpA

Ernest Spa

Alidaunia srl

Air Corporate srl

Northwest Service srl

Swiss Flight Services SA

Prada SpA

Eurofly Service SpA

Elifrulia SpA

Eliossola srl

Eurotech srl

Elitelina srl

Eliossola srl

Albinati SA

Air Valser srl

Avionord srl

Airgreen srl

Pellisier Helicopter srl

Helops srl

European Air Crane srl


Approved Training Organizations

Sirio SpA ATO
AgustaWestland Training Academy

CAE/Rotorsim srl

Ansett Aviation Italy SpA

Blue Panorama Airlines ATO

Alidaunia Training srl

Piaggio Aero Training SpA

NW Service ATO srl

Air Corporate ATO srl

Northwest Service srl

Air Vergiate ATO srl

Inaer SpA ATO

Aeroclub di Milano

Aeroclub di Como

Aeroclub di Reggio Emilia

Aeroclub di Brescia

Elifrulia srl

Pellissier Helicopter srl

GMH Helicopter srl

Valar srl

Airgreen ATO

European Air Crane ATO

Aerodrome Operators

Aeroporti di Roma SpA

SEA Aeroporti Milanesi SpA

Sagat Torino SpA

Save SpA

Aeroporto di Genova SpA

Toscana Aeroporti SpA

Aeroporto di Bologna Guglielmo Marconi SpA

TAG Bologna srl

Aeroporto di Ancona

Aeroporto di Pescara

Aeroporto della Val di Aosta

Dnata Ltd

Kuwait Airport & DGAC

Dubai Airport Operator & DGAC

Sacbo SpA

Our Learning Management System (LMS)

Continuous Safety delivers standard Regulatory Compliance and Safety (SMS) Training using the following approaches:

  1. Classroom (at your premises),
  2. Hybrid (part delivered online or viceversa), or
  3. Full e-Learning trough our LMS.

All training can be customized and includes an open book proficiency test.

As soon as the candidate passes the test, the system delivers via e-mail, the certificate of attendance of the student.


CMM/SMS/Audit Consultancy & Advice

The best of the market!

CHF 109
Per Hour
  • Aerodromes Advice
  • Part-CAMO Advice
  • Part-AMO Advice
  • EASA Questions
  • Air OPS Advice
  • EASA Part 21
  • ATO Advice
  • FSDT Cert. Holder

Compliance Monitoring & Safety Management System (SMS)

Theoretical & Practical
CHF 890
Per Course Day
  • CS-01 Auditor/CMM
  • CS-09 SMS
  • CS-11 Air OPS
  • CS-12 Aircrew
  • CS-13 Part-CAMO
  • CS-70 Aerodromes
  • CS-80 FSTD Cert. Holder


IS-BAO Stage One

Typical One onsite day audit, including preparation and registration

$ 3'099
Per audit day/One aircraft/One base
  • One aircraft
  • One base
  • Rotor-wing
  • Fixed-wing
  • + acft: CHF 1500/day if req.
  • Accom./Travel exp. not incl.
  • Write us to sms@mycs,swiss for the exact investment required (visti to ext. bases, planning, etc.).

IS-BAO Audits

Continuous Safety delivers IS-BAO registration audits since 2009. https://ibac.org/is-bao

Launched in 2002, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO™) was developed by the business aviation community and is designed to promote use of high quality operating practices by:

• Establishing a framework for effective safety and operational processes

• Providing tools to facilitate the implementation of best practices

• Delivering a Safety Management System (SMS) appropriate to all operational profiles

As the globally recognized voluntary safety standard, IS-BAO helps operators apply industry best practices by challenging them to review and compare their safety-related policies, processes and procedures, and then make improvements, elevating them to the worldwide standard for business aviation.

Similar to an ISO-9000 standard of practice, IS-BAO is specifically formulated for business aviation and accepted worldwide as the benchmark for safety and efficiency in business aircraft operations. Hundreds of operators on all continents around the world have adopted IS-BAO as the definitive standard for flight operations.

IS-BAO Operators

IS-BAO Auditors

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