Continuous Safety provides several training solutions which not only focus on compliance with applicable regulations (ICAO, EASA, ect.), but aimed at their full and effective implementation with the Safety Management System (SMS) into the Management System (MS) of the operator.

The training of your staff is the base to the success of your operations.

Since year 2004, we were delivering training at our customer’s premises. Upon request, we are also helping operators in creating and implementing their e-Learning platforms or choosing our online WiseTraining system, supported by our new Rumble Channel:

Our training in presence or WiseTraining consist in a series of classrooms or virtual classrooms on the following topics:

– CS-01 Lead Auditor & Compliance Monitoring Manager (CMM)

– CS-02 Effective Nominated Accountable Manager Responsibilities and Accountabilities (AM)

– CS-03 Nominated Flight Operations Manager (NFOM)

– CS-04 Nominated Flight Crew Training Manager (NCTM)

– CS-05 Nominated Ground Operations Manager (NGOM)

– CS-06 Nominated Continuous Airworthiness Manager (CAMO)

– CS-07 Nominated Aerodrome Training Manager

– CS-08 Nominated Aerodrome Operations or Maintenance Manager

– CS-09 Safety Management System Training in Performance-Based Oversight (PBO)

– CS-10 BowTieXP initial and recurrent training

– CS-11 ICAO/EASA Aircrew rules

– CS-12 ICAO/EASA Air OPS rules

– CS-13 ICAO/EASA Continuing Airworthiness

– CS-14 BowTieXP Advanced Training

– CS-15 Advanced SMS Training

– CS-16 Nominated Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) Manager

– CS-17 Nominated Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (AMO) Manager

– CS-18 Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (AMO) Manager

– CS-19 SMS in Airworthiness Maintenance Organizations (AMO) and Commission Implementing Reg. (EU) 2021/1963 amending and correcting Reg. (EU) 1321/2014 Continuing Airworthiness

– CS-70 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules

– CS-76 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules Accountable Manager Training

– CS-77 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules Nominated Operations Manager Training

– CS-78 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules Nominated Maintenance Training

– CS-79 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules Complaince Monitoring Training

– CS-80 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules Safety Manager Training

– CS-81 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules Nominated Training Manager Training

– CS-90 ICAO/EASA Flight Operations Inspector

– CS-91 ICAO/EASA Airworthiness Inspector

– CS-92 ICAO/EASA Licensing Inspector

In case you are interesting to explore more about the present training systems, please just drop us an e-mail writing to or call us to +41 79 287 80 99.

We will be delighted to provide all the support you need to run and effective and efficient training system either online or at your premises.


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