Aerodromes Audits

It is wise to say that an useful audit is the one that verifies the system against the standard and the best safety practices, validates the staff’s performance and eventually highlights areas that require improvement.

An audit represents a great opportunity for learning. The organization is doing its best. So, it’s essential to care about this fact and the context in which the organization is operating.

If the outcome of an audit accumulates dust on a shelf, the value of the audit is gone. The audit’s result is not only to show to the aviation authority that the organization was in compliance and that is. The audit result has to be embedded into the flow of the organization.

As a minimum, the information is also worth enough to be included the following training, aiming at (as a minimum):

  1. Enrich the SRB meeting;
  2. Enhance the CMM Training;
  3. Improve the Nominated Person Training;
  4. Improve the auditor’s Training.

This is always in line to continuing delivering safe, legal, effective, efficient and sustainable operations.

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