Static-Dynamic Rollover Prevention

Static & Dynamic Rollover Prevention with BowTieXP

With BowTieXP you can prevent and promote Static & Dynamic Rollover Safety Best practices

Static and Dynamic rollover still hitting the rotorcraft industry at all levels. Very often the key information used for certification or declaration remains somewhere in the safety office. With BowTieXP the organization can help everybody in visualizing the risks associated with Static and Dynamic rollover.

This is done in proactive mode:

This is done in recovery mode:

The above diagrams are just an example on how effective this awesome application can help you in saving lives and assets. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to tell us how can we help your operations be safer today!Just send us an SMS: +41 79 287 80 99 or drop an e-mail:

We offer:

  1. Organize an on-line demo;
  2. Assist you in developing your effective hazards register, either be based on your existing one or proposing you with a new one, tailored to your operational needs;
  3. Review your actual hazards;
  4. Improve the effectiveness of your Management System (MS).



Use your Safety Risk Management Data making your management system effective

The civil aviation safety performance is excellent. However, organizations often struggle in making operational safety decisions based on their safety data. We help those organizations in making easy the organizational decision-making process using their safety data

Attuare quotidianamente il Vs. catalogo dei pericoli, rendendo il sistema di gestione efficace

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