The training of our colleagues is the base to the success of your operations. We are helping operators in creating and implementing their e-Learning platforms or choosing our SmartTraining system.

SmartTraining™ consist is a series of virtual classrooms on the following topics:

– CS-01 Lead Auditor & Compliance Monitoring

– CS-02 Successful Accountable Manager Role

– CS-03 Nominated Flight Operations Manager

– CS-04 Nominated Flight Crew Training Manager

– CS-05 Nominated Ground Operations Manager

– CS-06 Nominated Continuous Airworthiness Manager

– CS-07 Nominated Aerodrome Training Manager

– CS-08 Nominated Deputy Manager

– CS-09 Safety Management System Training in PBO

– CS-10 Safety Management System Training in PBO

– CS-11 ICAO/EASA Aircrew rules

– CS-12 ICAO/EASA Air OPS rules

– CS-13 ICAO/EASA Continuing Airworthiness

– CS-14 BowTieXP Initial and Recurrent Training

– CS-15 BowTieXP Advanced Training

– CS-16 Deputy Nominated Aerodrome Training Manager

– CS-70 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules

– CS-90 ICAO/EASA Flight Operations Inspector

– CS-91 ICAO/EASA Airworthiness Inspector

– CS-92 ICAO/EASA Licensing Inspector

In case you are interesting to explore more about the present training system, please just drop us an e-mail to or call us to +41 79 287 80 99.

We will be delighted to provide all the support you need to run and effective and efficient training system.