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Performance-based oversight

In 2011, the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) CEO, Mr. William Voss stated: “[SMS] was supposed to do one simple thing –
allocate resources against risk…
…Let me give you four simple audit questions that are easy to answer if you have a good SMS and impossible to answer if you haven’t:
1. What is most likely to be the cause of your next accident or incident?
2. How do you know that?
3. What are you doing about it?
4. Is it working?”
The challenge for regulators (source UK CAA 2011):
To enable Performance Based Oversight we must make ourselves ‘intelligent players’ in safety management.
Continuous Safety is ready to help both, regulators and the industry in imporving their capabilities, competences and skills to move forward from a prescritive approach to a ‘performance-based safety oversight’.