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Learning from incidents

Learning from incidents is a challenge for most organisations. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the analysis performed on the incident does not provide an adequate basis for high quality recommendations which will change the organisation for the better while still being realistic. IncidentXP will assist you in making recommendation focused on a specific barrier or on the organisational level.

Four incident analysis methods to choose from

Providing the right method to untangle a complicated incident is crucial if you are to uncover what lessons should truly be learned on both organisational and operational level. Four of the most populair barrier based incident analysis methods were selected for BowTieXP:

They can all be used in combination with BowTieXP or as full-fledged stand-alone tools.

IncidentXP and BowTieXP

IncidentXP is our incident analysis software product which uses the same software framework as BowTieXP. This makes it possible to link incident analysis information to risk assessment information. However, IncidentXP can also be used as full-fledged stand-alone incident analysis tool.

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