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CGE Risk Management Solutions and Continuous Safety cordially invite you to attend our BowTie Industry Event in Dübendorf on the 21st of February 2017. This event will give you the opportunity to share ideas, discuss existing BowTie risk analysis applications, have a look at the latest challenges within your industry and think about possible solutions together with like-minded peers. In addition you may choose to attend the 2-day BowTie course in the following days to extend your knowledge of the BowTie method and the application of the method in the BowTieXP software tool.


Barrier based risk models, and in particular BowTie diagrams, are increasingly being used to integrate data and understanding of key safety risks in a variety of industries.  In 2014 the Civil Aviation Authority UK launched a project to build and share risk models related to their Significant Seven risks. The BowTie models resulting from this initiative are now available to be downloaded from the CAA UK website (click here for more information).

Also in other industries projects have been set up to jointly improve safety with the help of BowTie diagrams. A team of Healthcare Professionals in the Netherlands has set up a Patient Safety project and has created a set of Bowtie templates for the healthcare sector. These diagrams are available at