Competence-Based Aviation Regulations in SmartTraining

Competence-Based Aviation Regulations in SmartTraining™

The training of your staff is essential for safety, prestige as well as to maintain your competitive advantage. Without moving from home or your office, we are successfully delivering our Smart-Training on the following areas:


– CS-01 Lead Auditor & Compliance Monitoring

– CS-02 Successful Accountable Manager Role

– CS-03 Nominated Flight Operations Manager

– CS-04 Nominated Flight Crew Training Manager

– CS-05 Nominated Ground Operations Manager

– CS-06 Nominated Continuous Airworthiness Manager

– CS-07 Nominated Aerodrome Training Manager

– CS-09 Safety Management System Training in PBO

– CS-10 Advanced Safety Management System Training in PBO

– CS-11 ICAO/EASA Aircrew rules

– CS-12 ICAO/EASA Air OPS rules

– CS-13 ICAO/EASA Continuing Airworthiness

– CS-14 BowTieXP Advanced Training

– CS-15 BowTieXP initial and recurrent training

– CS-16 Nominated Crew Training Manager

– CS-70 Aerodromes Safety ICAO SARPS/EASA Rules

– CS-90 ICAO/EASA Flight Operations Inspector

– CS-91 ICAO/EASA Airworthiness Inspector

– CS-92 ICAO/EASA Licensing Inspector