Dübendorf BowTieXP

CGE Risk Management Solutions and Continuous Safety cordially invite you to attend our BowTie Industry Event in Dübendorf on the 21st of February 2017. This event will give you the opportunity to share ideas, discuss existing BowTie risk analysis applications, have a look at the latest challenges within your industry and think about possible solutions […]

Performance-based oversight

In 2011, the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) CEO, Mr. William Voss stated: “[SMS] was supposed to do one simple thing – allocate resources against risk… …Let me give you four simple audit questions that are easy to answer if you have a good SMS and impossible to answer if you haven’t: 1. What is most […]

Visualise Audit results in the diagram

AuditXP is an add-on for the BowTieXP software package. It is used to generate barrier related audit questionnaires. The add-on allows users to easily generate questions concerning barriers and management systems. These single questions can then be compiled into questionnaires, which can be exported as easy Excel audit fill-out lists. After importing the audit findings, […]

Learning from incidents

Learning from incidents is a challenge for most organisations. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the analysis performed on the incident does not provide an adequate basis for high quality recommendations which will change the organisation for the better while still being realistic. IncidentXP will assist you in making recommendation focused on […]