The training of our colleagues is the base to the success of your operations. We are helping operators in creating and implementing their e-Learning platforms or choosing our SmartTraining system. SmartTraining™ consist is a series of virtual classrooms on the following topics: – CS-01 Lead Auditor & Compliance Monitoring – CS-02 Successful Accountable Manager Role […]

Zurich, 21st – 23rd Nov. 2017 BowTie Training (including Audit & Incidents in PBO)

Continuous Safety cordially invite you to attend our BowTie Industry Event in Zurich, at the Air Force Center in Dübendorf, on the 21st of November 2017. This event will give you the opportunity to share ideas, discuss existing BowTie risk analysis applications, specially in Performance-Based Oversight (PBO), have a look at the latest challenges within […]

Bologna BowTieXP Workshop & Training

In October 2016, Continuous Safety and CGE Risk, sponsored by the Bologna G. Marconi Airport operator of Bologna (LIPE) airport in Italy successfully delivered the free BowTieXP workshop and a 2 day training. The workshop was attended by 58 participants from 2 continents. The guest speaker was Capt. Raul Sosa Riera which was challenging all […]