Bologna BowTieXP Workshop & Training

In October 2016, Continuous Safety and CGE Risk, sponsored by the Bologna G. Marconi Airport operator of Bologna (LIPE) airport in Italy successfully delivered the free BowTieXP workshop and a 2 day training.

The workshop was attended by 58 participants from 2 continents. The guest speaker was Capt. Raul Sosa Riera which was challenging all the attendance with the key topic of Safety Assurance and the importance of Safety intelligence. Capt. Sosa was arguing that the use of the management system is underused, which potential if develop can lead to better safety as well as effective and efficient sustainable operations.

All participants were delighted in playing their safety role during the BowTieXP practical exercises. Since there were members from airport operators, helicopter operators, fire fighters and fixed wing operators, most of them appreciated the improvement on their skill of Teamwork across industries.