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Visualise Audit results in the diagram

AuditXP is an add-on for the BowTieXP software package. It is used to generate barrier related audit questionnaires. The add-on allows users to easily generate questions concerning barriers and management systems. These single questions can then be compiled into questionnaires, which can be exported as easy Excel audit fill-out lists. After importing the audit findings, the results can be visualised in the diagram. When BowTieServer is used, it is also possible to directly assign questionnaires to persons, have the questions answered via a user-friendly web interface and the results automatically collected.

Close the Deming Circle

Auditing is a valuable way of gaining insight into barrier quality/effectiveness, to get early warnings before incidents will occur. With the AuditXP add-on, CGE Risk Management Solutions provides a tool to close the Deming circle. After defining the barriers in your safety management system (i.e. the plan stage) and implementing them (i.e. the do stage), a check is required to ensure the quality of the barriers. Relying on barriers that are in reality inadequate can be dangerous. Also, a thorough examination of the barriers during the check stage facilitates the generation of relevant recommendations later on (i.e. act stage).

Advantages of AuditXP

We selected 3 main advantages of using AuditXP: create questions on different ‘bowtie levels’, generating easy Excel or web-based audit fill-outs and visualising audit results.

Create questions on different ‘bowtie levels’

With AuditXP, users can generate questionnaires that directly relate with elements that are defined on the BowTie diagram. The questionnaires can be directed at three levels of elements:

1.    Barrier level
2.    Management system level (activities and documents)
3.    General observations

On barrier level, the auditor is questioning whether the integrity of the barrier meets the predefined requirements (e.g. is it in place? Is it working?). On management system level, the underlying management system can be assessed. This level covers activities such as training and maintenance, but also whether documentation is up to par (e.g. manuals, procedure documents). The third level covers general observations. These do not directly refer to an element described on the BowTie, but cover more general remarks that apply to multiple levels. Example of this can be topics that are out of the scope of the current audit or subjects that an auditor finds noteworthy (e.g. the way personnel communicates or the state of housekeeping).

Generating easy Excel audit fill-out lists

After the questionnaires have been composed by selecting relevant questions, an Excel sheet can be automatically generated. This sheet consists of all the questions, criteria and answer keys defined by the user and provides a quick dropdown menu. The auditor can simply select the applicable answer key. After that, the sheet can be imported back into BowTieXP for quick analysis of the results.

Click here for more information on the audit workflow in BowTieServer.

Visualising audit results

Because the audits can be linked to barriers that are defined in the BowTie diagram, the results can be represented on them as well. This provides the user with a quick graphic overview of the barrier status, based on the audit results. The visual representation facilitates expert judgments on overall barrier quality. It also provides up-to-date feedback on the current barrier quality status.

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Audit result window screenshot
Graphic result display screenshot