Safety & Compliance Monitoring Audits

Having successfully completed about 10.300 audits, including IS-BAO registrations to fixed wing and rotor wing operators, we provide safety audits and compliance monitoring audits services on the following domain:

  1. Aerodromes Certification as per EASA Reg. (EU) 139/2014;
  2. Air Operations CAT as per EASA Reg. (EU) 965/2012
  3. Air Opertaions Part NCC as per EASA Reg. (EU) 965/2012
  4. Air Operations Part SPO as per EASA Reg. (EU) 965/2012
  5. Apprived Training Organizations (ATO) as per EASA Reg. (EU) 1178/2011
  6. FSTD Certificate Holder as per EASA Reg. (EU) 1178/2011.

Audits, inspections, surveys and tests can be aligned into the value creation chain. They are a unique opportunity to check if assets are under control.

Moreover, with the help of BowTieXP, AuditXP and IncidentXP, the resulats of Audits and Safety concern can be quiclkly reload into the BowTieXP model and visualise and communicate which barrier requires attention or did not worked.

Audit and inspections are unique opportunities to learn, to improve and to communicate, helping your staff to visualize the risk picture and making sure that everybody is on the same page.

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